Michael McTigue Sculptors

Doolin Church and Crossroads

If you ever visit Doolin, Co. Clare pay a visit to the local Catholic Church just up from the village towards Lisdoonvarna. To be precise it is located at a T-Junction but no matter. Just across from the church you will see a sculpture erected for the Millenium celebrations. Designed and erected by McTigue Headstones, here is the evidence of the scale and artistic quality of what we do at our workshop.


At the opposite side of the church there is a bell hanging, which was once located on a tobacco plantation in Ecuador. McTigue Headstones designed the plaque to accompany this oddity, an example of the small and simple work we can do.


Finally, inside the church, you can see an altar, chair, font and lecturn designed, built and installed by McTigue Headstones. Crafted from limestone and put together by hand this is again a fine example to the scale of the ability at McTigue Headstones. No other headstone, gravestone or memorial provider would be capable of this.